Our Qualifications

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At DUB3, we have the qualifications and expertise to help you take your direct mail, catalog marketing, web design, e-commerce, data and technology to the next level.

Contact us today for a free initial consultation. Whether you are a well established cataloger or e-commerce business looking to optimize sales and profits or a new business start-up, DUB3 can help.

DUB3 provides expert level service in the following fields.

Web Design
Data Mining
Direct Mail
Catalog Marketing

Our Experience

The pros at DUB3 have extensive experience with launching of new brands and developing mail order catalogs from concept through creation. Our team can assist in developing a circulation strategy that utilizes key direct marketing principals to maximize your profits while meeting the specific needs of your company. Through data analysis, we will identify the “best customer” segments within your marketing database and utilize this information to maximize response rates, while reducing your mailing costs and minimizing wasting valuable resources marketing to households that are highly unlikely to buy. Through implementation of data hygiene, we will greatly reduce mailing to bad addresses, eliminate costly duplicate mailings, identify up-to-date addresses of prospects who have moved, and ensure that more of your direct mail campaign reaches your intended recipients. If  your company needs help with merchandising, product performance, and product sourcing, you will appreciate the fact that our consultants have proven success in sourcing, branding and marketing of private label merchandise from start to finish. With decades of combined experience in mail order, direct marketing, catalog marketing, graphic design, web design, e-commerce, data and technology, gained from working in various positions for some of the leading direct marketing and mail order catalog houses in the country, the team at DUB3 have gained valuable knowledge and experience that can help take your business to the next level.

Our Successes

The team at DUB3 have launched new catalog lines and developed very successful brands for major catalogers and mail order houses. We have also been instrumental in implementing positive change in well established catalog companies that has resulted in greater profits and increased demand. The team at DUB3 also has experience shaving costs from the back end to help pay for more successful direct marketing plans. Let us put our experience to work for you.

Our Goals

It is our goal to bring our marketing expertise to other companies who would benefit from our experience and determination to improve processes and add profits to the bottom line. If your company could utilize some help in direct mail, catalog marketing, web design, e-commerce, data and technology, allow DUB3 to help you to reach your goals and take your company to the next level. And, while we are developing a plan to increase sales and profits, we will work with you to reduce costs as well. In order to ensure maximum efficiencies we will also help you to implement best practices and provide training for your staff so you can keep your marketing efforts running like a well-oiled machine well into the future.