Data Technology

Data Hygiene

A mailing can only be as successful as the cleanliness of your data. There is a saying in data technology circles… garbage in – garbage out, and this is especially true when it comes to pulling the proper data for mailing lists. DUB3 can help you achieve better results from your direct marketing campaigns by recommending best practices for data collection and data hygiene.

Data Mining

DUB3 can help your company use data mining to predict a desired behavior from households within your marketing database. Utilizing data from past campaigns, DUB3 can identify buying patterns associated with a particular group within your file. These groups can then be targeted with a more precise marketing campaigns as best prospects in an effort to increase profitability, and gain efficiencies with regards to marketing costs.

With segmentation modeling, DUB3 can find patterns in previous transactions that will help to identify highly responsive customers. Once patterns are properly segmented, a direct marketing plan can be developed to determine the frequency in which certain customer segments should be targeted for maximum results.

Data Analysis

DUB3 can show you how to evaluate your marketing efforts to ensure you know what works and what doesn’t work. Our response analysis reporting will help you to cut unnecessary spending, and maximize your ROI.

The results of employing our analysis will be shown in improved efficiencies, increased response rates and lowers costs per campaign. We will match sales activity against your mail file to measure each campaign’s success. Once we are able to analyze the data, we will be able to spot trends and implement a plan to duplicate our successes time and time again.

Of course in order to better analyze results, we need to make sure you are set up to properly collect the necessary data that will enable us to more quickly and accurately measure campaign results. So, that’s why we will conduct a review of current procedure regarding data collection efforts and also review your database structure and software capabilities.

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