Catalog Marketing

Product Performance Analysis

Measuring the results of your merchandising efforts is critical to the long-term success of your mail order catalog marketing initiatives. Our Product Performance Analysis will yield solid actionable data that you can implement immediately to hone in on the most popular and profitable products and product categories.

Knowledge is power, and with DUB3 at your side, and with the data gained from our exclusive Product Performance Analysis, you will be able to provide much better direction to your merchandising team resulting in a much better merchandising mix and improved catalog performance.

With our guidance, your merchandising team will gain a better understanding of which products and product categories are most profitable for the company. Armed with this knowledge, they will become much more productive and effective evolving into a powerful and valuable company asset that will give your company the competitive edge.

Page Performance Analysis

With DUB3’s exclusive page performance analysis, you will be able to determine optimal product space allocation or product density to ensure each page of your mail order catalog is performing as it should for maximum efficiencies.

DUB3 can make recommendations for appropriate page count to help you better control costs while achieving maximum return on investment and profitability.

We will provide actionable recommendations for enhancing your catalog’s performance to add to your bottom line.

DUB3’s 7 Page Catalog Theory

DUB3 can help your company employ the direct mail tenet known as the 7 page catalog theory. If you are unfamiliar with the theory, you may be missing a very valuable opportunity to maximize your profits and achieve greater direct catalog marketing results.

We will explain the theory and provide an actionable plan for putting this little known direct marketing, mail order catalog secret to work for you and your company.

You only have 7 chances to make a good impression. Make every one of them count and enjoy a substantial lift in response rates, sales and profitability with a variety of your most popular or profitable products. DUB3 will show you how.

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