Strategic Sales Funnel

DUB3 understands how important it is to create an easy to navigate, intuitive eCommerce shopping experience. Categorization, filter options, related products are all elements that make it easier for customers to navigate through different categories, find specific types of products, quickly get to their shopping cart and more easily move through the site.

We will implement designs that are clean, intuitive, pleasant to use without confusion or surprises. Your website will utilize the very same techniques that major eCommerce retailers use to achieve the best results, but at a fraction of the price.

Effective Site Search Engine

DUB3 will implement an effective site search engine that returns the results customers are looking for. Nothing is more inconvenient than a search engine that returns hundreds of results that are too broad or unrelated to what a customer is searching for.

Companies like Zappos, Tom’s and Diesel are doing things right!

Our combination of an extremely effective search engine, category search and filters for refining the search results provides for a more convenient shopping experience for the consumer. Users will be able to more easily find what they are searching for, refine the results based on standard criteria such as price, popularity, new products and then eliminate items that do not fit within their search criteria.

Shopping Cart Built For Conversion

DUB3 believes that shopping cart design is a very important part of the eCommerce user experience. We recommend a shopping cart design that reassures users of what they have in their cart and how much it costs. Users should be able to add an item and easily return to the last page they were on or better yet add an item without ever leaving the page.

We recommend a cart that allows a preview of shipping charges before the checkout process, allows users to add multiple products, revise quantities or other product options in as fluid a process as possible.

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