Direct Mail


In direct mail your most important asset is your mailing list, often referred to as your house file or marketing database. DUB3 will help your company to implement best practices to ensure your database is as clean and accurate as it can be.

With DUB3 leading the way, you will develop strategies for identifying your best prospects, resulting  in more efficient, more targeted and more successful direct marketing campaigns.

DUB3 will show you how collecting valuable data from your customers and practicing good list hygiene can increase your revenues while decreasing  your direct mail costs.


Our experienced and knowledgeable consultants can help to ensure that you are using best practices to take advantage of every opportunity and achieve the absolute best results from all of your direct marketing efforts. We can deliver powerful and effective direct mail marketing strategies to achieve quantifiable positive results.

The team at DUB3 can help develop your direct mail marketing plan, devise contact strategies, outline mail dates, and target particular segments of your marketing database to maximize sales and profits.

DUB3 will also offer a strategy to reactivate inactive buyers, convert catalog requestors into customers, and counter mailing list degradation. We will outline a comprehensive plan for customer retention through prospecting within your own house file. We can also recommend strategies for building your customer base through prospecting to purchased or rented mailing lists.


DUB3 can show you how to evaluate your direct mail marketing efforts to ensure you know what works and what doesn’t work. Our response analysis reporting will help you to cut unnecessary spending, and maximize your ROI.

The results of employing our analysis will be shown in improved efficiencies, increased response rates and lowers costs per campaign. We will match sales activity against your mail file to measure each campaign’s success.

Once we are able to analyze the data, we will be able to spot trends and implement a plan to duplicate our successes time and time again.

Regardless of whether you are mailing mail order catalogs, postcards, or letters, our response analysis will ensure you achieve the best results possible every time you mail.

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